Slicker Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Brush for Dogs and Cats, Gentle Grooming for Short or Long Hair, Soft Tool for Sensitive Skin Removes Dander, Dirt, and Detangles

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ABS, Rubber, Stainless Steel







Details about Slicker Pet Grooming Brush

Dog Brush & Cat Brush, Shedding Grooming Tools

  • This pet brush has strong bristles with rounded edges, stroke your pet fearlessly, suitable for face and paw too. Your pet will love this new massage.
  • Massage your pet is good for preventing skin disease,Massaging particles won’t scratch your pet,and increasing blood circulation.
  • The grooming brush is made of strong plastic material for long-lasting wear and tear, safe and healthy, no static electricity.
  • This brush combs your pet hair thoroughly and gently; remove loose undercoat, shed fur, dander, and trapped dirt; works for short or long hair on dogs and cats.

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